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Why is there no option for zero stars?

The most terrible update off all apps that ever been released. Horrible experience.

Its amazing

Thanks for letting me face time my parents and my grand parents who live farrrrr away from me in amazing quality I have Skype on my computer too!! #ILOVESKYPE!!!!


New update is the worst, fire who ever said this was a good idea ! ? Read the reviews - bring back the old style that everyone actually liked. Then maybe your star rating will improve !

Skype Status Indications Unavailable

I dont like the new version. For the simple fact that you cannot see when your friends are online, offline, or away. You used to see a little yellow or green dot indicating their status. Now you cant tell either way. Also, you cannot change your own status to indicate being online, offline, or away. I liked the older version better. The new features arent even that great and I hardly use them.

This makes no sense

Another app that completely misunderstands who uses their app and what they use it for. A smiley at the side of every message. Why? If I wanted iMessage or Instagram, Id use them and not Skype. Stop it. Do some ethnographic study and fix this mess. And do not touch the Mac app.

Zero star?

First of all, there must be a way to rate 0 star! Skype is the case and point why 0 star must be an option. Now onto Skype; 1. Hire a qualified team to do development. 2. Hire quality assurance and include end users in this test/phase. Who cares about what you THINK/BELIEVE is what the user needs? What is this childish and cartoonish BS? Focus on simple, user friendly and effective solutions. 2b. Goes back to point 1, hire good developers not 15 year olds to build a reliable business/consumer app 3. Lastly, good luck going down the tube with msft. I will be shifting to Mac and just get rid of Skype all together. Too unreliable, unpredictable and as of late, far too many outages. This app is by and for children under the age of 15 now.

This app is awesome

I can call friends and family easy pepole get it its awsome ??????????☺️

Best app ever

Love it

Upgrade is a total downgrade

I lost most of the numbers from my contacts and the new interface is totally unfamiliar and hard to navigate. If I call a number that does not go through it says "missed call"! Its terrible and I cant make any of the calls I used to. Tried reinstalling and the same issues.

Oops, what happened?!

I use skype to call international numbers. Yet when I enter a number I cant seem to find a way to give it a name. What happened to multiple numbers, including direct Skype, for each contact? From a reliable tool it really has dropped significantly in its usability. Call quality still seems quite good, but in becoming so cumbersome to use I am using other tools when possible.

Awesome time ago. Now worse

The update made it worse, but a very useful app and a great invention

Getting worse

I wish someone would by Skype from Microsoft before they completely ruin it. With the new UI change, the whole app feels outdated and complicated to use. I dont find navigation intuitive at all. One of the worst that I hate is that it does not relaibly shows whether contacts are online or not. When a contact is shown online on the phone, it shows the same contact being offline on the Mac. Since the Mac version is still running the old version, and it correctly beeps/chimes/etc when a contact logs on and off, and correctly shows whether the contact is online or offline, it is the iPhone app that for some reason shows the contact availability incorrectly. For the most part I have stopped using the phone version of Skype and stick to the mac version which is not only more reliable, but also has the old, clearer and more intutitve interface.

Great, whats everyone upset about?

I love this new update! Idk what everyones upset about. The new layout is awesome and the sounds are better now too. I havent noticed any bugs at all. It makes me feel like Im in a sci-fi movie with the new layout

Improved ... I do not think so

Recent updates have made the application unusable!!! Why change it to make it so more difficult to use ????

Experimental Hallucinogenics

I sometimes wonder who are these people that run Skype or pretty much any other end-user-facing services/products at Microsoft. I mean do they live on experimental hallucinogenics, as substitution to Oxygen and some other useful minerals and vitamins? Are they not allowed to leave their bunkers even for a single nanosecond? Or the worst case scenario is that who approve these releases got their frontal lobes removed and left with nothing but a couple of misfiring neurones. How can one manage to deliver such a mess, buffles me more than many oceanic mysteries.


Skype is the best social media tool, keeps face to face real time contact with love ones 2000 miles away. I would rather Skype than watch television! Awesome!

I do not like the new iPhone skype

Why I love my reg Skype Skype you will lose my account Of 2,000 us to nothing good bye skype pro This does not feel like pro it feels like a kids game dropping skype 8.3

Terrible user interface!

In my opinion this skype version clearly demonstrates very poor user interface design. While WhatsApp and FaceTime have sort of figured out how to make a simple user interface, skype has not. Skype tries to adopt the toy like features of Snapchat and I understand that this may appeal to a group of people, but those who dont want it have to sort through all the overhead every time when trying to make a simple call (e.g. Why are contacts now reduced to a minuscule button on the top?). I suggest to offer in the skype settings choices for the user interface layout such as dead simple, toy features and cluttered like you have never seen it before.

Skype is GREAT!

I have been using Skype for years. I also have a dedicated phone line that I get from Skype for about $3 a month. Unlimited, crystal clear calls. I have an old iPhone 6 which I dont carry with me, but it still works at home through wifi. So my Skype number is my home number on that old iPhone. It is so awesome to use Skype like this. Of course the video part is great too. If you arent using Skype, you are missing out on a great service!

Horrible "upgrade"

This new version is awful. I dont care about colors or fonts. I want to stay logged in on my phone until I sign out. That means it should be online in background, not timing out. No "invisible" mode? Why? I wish I could roll back this piece of garbage. Truly

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